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All Stars

2017 All Stars

To keep up with the kids representing Dunbar Area Little League in the District Tournament, we have created a set of webpages for your convenience. 


Keep checking back to know where they are next playing.

 Good luck kids!


All Star Selection Process 2017

The 2017 All Star and Tournament season is just around the corner.  For this year, the invitation date will be during the week June 12th.  For your awareness, here is the process that Dunbar Area Little League utilizes to select coaches and players:

Manager and Coach Selection

Managers of the all-star teams will be nominated to the board by any member of the board based on criteria prescribed by Little League Baseball.   Nominations will be accepted and reviewed by the board. The President will then recommend a manager for each level of play to the board for consideration. The board members will provide final consent or refuse to consent and request an alternate recommendation. 

Coaches for each team must adhere to Little League Baseball guidelines.  Coaches will be selected by the Manager. The board can withhold consent for any coach. 

Player Selection

All Star and Tournament Team Player Selection of the teams will be done by the Manager of that team, who shall consult with other manager/coaches, board members, etc. to fill out the roster.  Many factors are taken into consideration such as league age, skill level, etc. Try-outs may be considered but not required in the selection process.  The board can have final say on any player and their eligibility.

We typically support the following aged teams:  


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