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Am I Eligible?

Thank you for your interest in Dunbar Area Little League.  We hope the information herein helps you determine your eligibility to play in our league. 

There are two areas of criteria that determines whether you are eligible to play Little League Baseball:  (1) your age and (2) where you live.

Lets start with the easy one...your age.  We accept anyone to play that is aged 4-12.  You can get specific details about how league age is determined using our Age Requirements page.

If you fit into the age group above, then Little League uses two criteria to determine your eligibility.  You only need to meet one of these two criteria to be able to play for Dunbar Area.  First, if your child goes to one of the following schools, you are eligible to play for Dunbar Area LL:

Now, for the geography criteria.  Here is a map that defines our boundaries:


If you live within these boundaries or if your child's school is within these boundaries (even if we neglected to list it above), you are eligible to play for Dunbar Area.  Here are some textual descriptions of our boundary:

If you still have questions about your eligibility, feel free to drop us an email: